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Sarah Sundar
Sarah Sundar
January 14, 2021.
Few months back, I was very stressed about applying for my husband's spouse visa and didn't know where to start the process as the internet has mixed information. I found DaVinci Solicitors Ltd from the internet. Ali was my solicitor and I can't thank him enough for the support and understanding from the start. Ali provided me with a detailed checklist of documents I needed for my husband application tailored to my situation. He also guided me how, when and where to retrieve each documents such as where to get the property inspection report from, where my husband should do his English language test from, and more etc., This helped a lot as without his help we would have no idea. He was always quick to answer my calls even on weekends. He was quick to respond to my emails and replied to all my queries swiftly. Getting all the documents was a stressful experience as it took us longer than usual due to COVID but Ali was always professional, understanding and easy to talk to and always there to help. The spouse visa application was a very long and hard process especially when living without your spouse can be an emotionally challenging time. He always assured me to be thorough and not miss any details and he always double checked every documents which assured me that application is being submitted accurately and fully comply with the UK immigration laws. He also followed the latest guidelines from the government during the pandemic to ensure the process flowed smoothly. Ali also helped with completing the application form as he filled out the form himself. He send me the application form draft and asked me to double check every detail. Without his help, I would have no clue how to fill out the form as its quite complicated and confusing. I strongly recommend DaVinci Solicitors Ltd as they are highly reliable, professional, friendly and passionate firm. My husband received his visa in 9 weeks after submission and we are very happy with the service provided by DaVinci Solicitors Ltd. I highly recommended DaVinci Solicitors Ltd to people looking to apply for spouse visa. Kind regards Sarah Sundar
Ewan Declan Potts
Ewan Declan Potts
December 30, 2020.
I was finding it hard to go about my spouse visa considering I got held up in a national lockdown on a visit visa during the pandemic and my child was due to start his reception and so I was torn between leaving the country to and apply for this and missing out on my child's first school experience😭 I found this company and explained my case to Ali, an understanding guy who took in my case and handled it like I was his own sister I can't express my gratitude enough having done this while in the country is not easy as the requirement says you have to be back in your home country, davinci solicitors made sure they helped me step by step until I got my visa. They are trustworthy and always there to answer phone calls even over the weekend Ali still called and I did not have to keep travelling to Manchester to get things done. We did it on phone calls. Thank you Ali and your team God bless you.
Ummar Naveed
Ummar Naveed
December 9, 2020.
Great service and extremely client friendly
Raju Miah
Raju Miah
October 4, 2020.
I was recomended DaVinci Solicitors for my spouse visa and I couldn't be more happier as my wife is now in the country. I appreciate the amazing support the team have given me throughout this pandemic and I highly recommend this place.
Jennifer van Vreden
Jennifer van Vreden
September 15, 2020.
It has been a long and hard process to obtain my husbands spousal visa, with the help of DaVinci Solisitors it has been a comfort and painless process. Ali from DaVinci Solicitors was there for me all the time any time of day always ready to answer any questions promptly even during late hours of the evening, they were ready to answer any concerning questions. DaVinci Solicitors has always been prompt and thorough in every aspect of the law. As for me it was a very stressful situation as I was afraid of missing any detail in the process, DaVinci Solicitors assured me of being thorough to make sure I would not miss any detail and to fully comply with UK Immigration laws, and I am so thankful for choosing the right company to go with. I can surely recommend DaVinci Solicitors for your visa application as they are highly professional, thorough, friendly and passionate about their services. Best Regards Jennifer van Vreden

What is a Spouse Visa?


  • If your partner is a British national, you may be eligible to live in the UK.


  • You can apply for a UK Spouse Visa if you are a non-UK partner aged 18.


  • You are either engaged, married to, or has a proposed civil partner who is aged over 18 living in the UK. (British Partner)


  • Once you are granted a Spouse Visa in UK, you have the right to work like all British citizens.


  • After 5 years in the UK you may apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. 


  • DaVinci Solicitors are Spouse Visa specialists and have an excellent track record for making successful Spouse Visa applications. You can ask for a free consultation today to check your eligibility.

Main requirements


  1. Your Partner must be a British citizen.
  2. Your Partner must be settled in the UK
  3. You must be at least 18 years old
  4. Pass at-least the A1 English Language Test, however some people may be exempt.

You can complete our Free Spouse Visa checker to make sure you meet the basis requirements for the spouse application

Financial Requirement:


You MUST meet one of the following:


  1. Have an annual income of £18,600.


  1. Savings of around £62,500


  1. Receiving Benefits



If you receive benefits or carers allowance then you may be exempt from the financial acquirement 


If you have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic then you may be able to still make an application with your lowered wage.

Why choose DaVinci Solicitors?

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Expert Support up until you receive your visa
  • Fast and Reliable Service
  • Free 2nd application, in an unlikely event the 1st one is refused.
  • Prices start from £299

Spouse/ Fiancé Visa Packages

Basic Package £299


  • If you require our Solicitors to review your application and advise you whether your documents are in order before you submit the application then this package will be ideal for you.

Gold Package £699


This package will include the following:

  • Your application will be dealt by a qualified and highly experienced solicitor from start to finish.
  • We shall fill in all the relevant forms which also includes the Home Office application form, we shall make sure you are happy with all the details before the application is sent to the Home Office.
  • We shall provide a tailor made document checklist based on your circumstances.
  • Once you provide all your documents to us, we shall within 3-4 days deliver the whole spouse visa application for you.

Platinum Package £899


This package will include the following:

• Your application will be dealt by an experienced solicitors who shall guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

• We will prepare a property inspection report for your application.

• We shall fill in all the relevant forms and make sure you are happy with all the details before the application is sent to the Home Office.

• We shall provide a tailormade detailed document checklist based on your circumstances to make sure you gather and provide the correct documents.

• We shall provide a detailed cover letter, explaining your situation to the Home Office, thus making sure the Clearance Officer who is reviewing your file is aware of your relationship history.

• Once you provide all your documents to us, we shall prepare the whole spouse visa application for you within 72 hours.

DaVinci Solicitors are Spouse Visa UK specialists and have an excellent track record for making successful Spouse Visa applications

Success Rate of our Experienced Solicitors

SpouseVisa 97%
_VisitVisa 95%
FianceVisa 95%
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We also deal with the following:


    • Fiance Visa

    • Spouse Extension

    • Family Visa

    • Marriage Visa

    • Visit Visa

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Affected by COVID-19


There are new guidelines available for those applicants that have been affected by the corona virus pandemic. If you do not meet the £18,600 or able to obtain an A1 English language certificate then contact us for a free consultation to check whether you qualify. Once you complete our contact form we shall call you within the next 12 hours.

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