Work Visa

While using an immigration solicitor to apply for a work visa isn’t strictly necessary – you can even make an application yourself if you want – but using the services of one will hugely increase your chances of success. This is because a qualified immigration adviser can lend you a perspective which you cannot have while making your own application.

Immigration lawyers who are OISC qualified, such as those at Davinci Solicitors, are qualified and experienced in all areas of immigration applications and claims. This means that they can help decipher the Home Office’s jargon for you. It also means that they can ensure your completed application documents and supporting evidence meet the required standard.

Some immigration solicitors and lawyers, such as ours, will also write something called a Letter of Representation to support your application. This acts as a cover letter of sorts and is written using legal understanding and insight. It outlines the merits of your case and usually cites relevant legislation and case-law which supports your case. This is hugely beneficial for your case, as it does all the hard work for UKVI/Home Office officials, giving them all the information they need about your case in a digestible and navigable format.

Ultimately, using an immigration solicitor is your choice. But it is always worth bearing in mind that having a legal expert to help you navigate through the process of emigrating or settling will place you in the best possible position for a smooth process and successful outcome.

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